There are many opportunities to volunteer at Cause for Hope, from a few hours a month to a few hours a week. Come visit us Monday through Friday from noon until 2:30 PM at the Shrine to see where you might fit in. Many of our unhoused friends already volunteer in order to keep our programs up and running. Consequently, housed and unhoused people work side by side, forming relationships that grow naturally out of knowing a person's story, having fun and fellowship as community is formed. A few areas to explore are as follows: setting up for the Recovery Meetings, which attract from 70 to 90 people daily; preparing coffee, drinks, and snacks; arranging the chairs and tables, welcoming participants. actually attending the 12-step meetings, which are open to everyone, whether you identify yourself as addicted or not; hear the wisdom of Twelve Step spirituality, once described as "a blue-print for a God centered life". finding opportunities to provide guidance and emotional support as people in recovery begin to put their lives back together, returning to school, seeking employment, obtaining permanent housing. helping out in the Clothing Closet, soliciting donations, organizing donations, distributing clothing on a regular basis. just being present and listening to folks who have been on society's margins, ignored and unheard; we all have more in common than we often realize. At Cause for Hope we believe that service is always a two-way street; it is less about "doing for others" and more about forging relationships and - as a consequence - perhaps seeing things differently, breaking down stereotypes, and - as a result - growing spiritually. Please visit us, whether you want to volunteer or not. We would love to welcome you to our community! Contact Jane Elliott
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